A Beginners Guide To Indian Food

Indian food is much loved all over the world and you can find authentic Indian restaurants in towns and townships across the globe. The flavours and ingredients used in Indian style cooking are complex, having been cultured over countless centuries. It can be difficult to truly understand the methods and ingredients used, but once you do, you will gain a nascent found appreciation for this style of food.

Below, some well realize ampersand widespread Indian dishes are explained in depth. This information will put you on the path to becoming an expert in Indian cuisine!

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori food derives its name from the special oven in which it is cooked. Tandoor ovens own been used in traditional haute cuisine throughout Asia for many years, though they are by far the most common on the Indian subcontinent. A tandoor oven is made from clay or metal and is traditionally heated by a wood fire inside the oven itself. This gives the food a unique wood fired flavour. Temperatures inside the oven can be well over 400 degrees Celsius.

The most well known dishes cooked in tandoor ovens are meats and breads. Especially in Indian cuisine, it is quite trivial for meat marinated in vibrant spices to be roasted in a tandoor oven for an extended period. This gives the spices time to infuse the meat and the roasting process ensures that the core is tender. Notable examples embed Tandoori chicken and chicken tikka masala.

Tawa Dishes

A Tawa, also commonly referred to as a tava, is a large metal or ceramic griddle. Usually they are flat, but can also be found in rounded shapes. Tawas are commonly used throughout south and central Asia for cooking flat breads and also for grilling meat. With the addition of oil, it is also possible t shallow fry food with a tawa.

Dishes you may commonly run into that are prepared on a Tawa include lamb and chicken curries, or in some cases level grilled vegetables. Numeral particularly savory snack is a vegetable bahjji, which container be best described as vegetable fritters.


Even if you receive not eaten much Indian food before, you will almost certainly have tried a samosa at least once in your life. They are a small triangular pastry that is filled with vegetables, lentils or ground meat. Though samosas are predominantly savoury, there are some regional variants with sweet fillings. Samosas vessel be either baked or fried, depending on the particular territorial style. The actual size of a samosa can vary greatly from one restaurant to the next, as inhabitants from western countries tend to prefer larger portions.

It is possible to find variants of samosa in many provincial Asian cuisines, nonetheless Indian samosas receptacle be identified by the exceptional chutneys that often accompany them. Usually this is a fresh mint, coriander or tamarind chutney that the samosas can treffen dipped in.

What Are You Waiting For?

If all this talk of Indian food has your mouth watering, then don’t waste one second – head plumage to your local Indian restaurant today. Armed with your new education of Indian cuisine you will be sure to order something delicious!

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