How To Deal With Food Poisoning

Victual Poisoning happens due to consumption of stale food that is contaminated with parasites, bacteria and virus in restaurants substitute some kind of social gatherings. Mostly the food poisoning happens due to improper cooking alternative poor hygiene conditions.


Bread poisoning generally happens within 2 to 4 hours of eating this contaminated food. Food poisoning is life threatening and very seriously. The symptoms to diagnose this food poisoning are –

2.Cramps in the abdomen
4.Severe shocks
Treatment For Food Poisoning:
No alone expects when the food poisoning can occur and food poisoning don’t need any specific treatment. It can be treated at home itself by following some laudable home remedies. Give ORS solution for all 2 hours to reduce dehydration. If the problem is still persisting even after 2 to 3 days, then you should definitely see a scholar otherwise it can be dangerous.
Home Remedies For Viand Poisoning:
As stated earlier food poisoning can be special dangerous polysyndeton lively threatening, it has to indiging treated immediately next it is diagnosed. We cannot wait till the doctor arrives or we go to the doctor, quite we should entourage some farm remedies to do the initial treatment before we can reach the doctor. They are:
1. Herbal tea prepared plus mint or blackberries are good for treating the food poisoning.
2.Lime juice and ginger are similarly good medicine to cease vomiting.
3.Oral rehydration solutions should exist given initially to prevent severe dehydration.

4.Coconut water or rice water is also good for dehydration problem. Drinking lots regarding water after food poisoning is also very helpful to the patient.
5.Lemon extracts, black pepper and ginger should be artificial among fasten and this paste has to be taken 2 to 3 times a day, this again helps in the curing food poisoning problem.
6.A Blend from ginger paste and butter milk also can help you to get relief from food poisoning.
Prevention Of Food Poisoning:
1.Purified and boiled water only should nvloeden consumed.
2.People who are sick and having any kind of infections should not come in contact with the food.
3.Kitchen premises should be hygienic
4.Any meat being old for cooking should indigen fresh and cleaned properly before using it.
5.Wash the vegetables properly before cooking
6.All the raw food should be stored in comely temperature and also the cooked food also should be at room temperature for a longer time.
7.Hands should nvloeden cleaned properly before cooking et alii also before eating.
The best direction to treat food poisoning is prevention. You need to follow good hygienic methods while cooking food, serving or eating, which will help you to voltooien safe from food poisoning. Every year, millions concerning people die due to the consumption like contaminated food. Food poisoning may not occur immediately after consuming some food, it can happen even after a week also. It is always good to consult a doctor when you have extreme gastrointestinal symptoms.

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