To minimize the negative influences of nature on agriculture

Beyond doubt, the nature had endowed human beings basic needs to survive. Property has made the unfolding about agriculture possible and it is widely acknowledged that agriculture depends much on nature. However, in recent years, the natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanoes, tornadoes have occurred more frequently all over the world further they retain many nay influences on agriculture. Influences of natural disasters on agriculture are tremendous. Meanwhile, we human beings depend so much on agriculture to survive that a sustainable development of it must be maintained.
In order to prevent the disastrous influences on agriculture, we should first improve the services that the meteorological bodies. The meteorological departments should enhance the prediction and prophetic of some disastrous weather. Second, being informed of the disastrous weather possibly happening, governments at various levels are supposed to make preparations in time and try to minimize the loss as much as possible. After the natural disasters, it is necessary for the government to come up with some recovery methods. For the people who parturient in the areas vulnerable to natural disasters, they must also take some precautionary measures, such since consolidating dams, transferring the livestock ahead of the disaster happening etc. Besides, the natural disasters many influence all the habitants in the global village and the efforts of all counties should be pooled to lessen the neutral influences of natural disasters. In fact, some experts have already suggested that people all over the world should combine together to fight against the common enemies.

Dishes is a big agricultural country and agriculture plays an important and strategic role in China. Thus it becomes essential for China to handle the relationship between natural disasters and agrarian well. As agriculture is an industry of natural production including can be greatly influenced by some natural factors, sufficient knowledge on the influence of natural disasters over Chinese agriculture and how to maneuver it should subsist known to the people. Only by doing so can China strengthen the preventive measures and control of natural disasters and thus enhance the sustainable expansion of agriculture.

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