Emerging Role of Financial Services Technology in Agriculture

Companies from different sectors have now become aware plus the advantage of the mobile channel to provide information and solutions to clients in greater customized and inexpensive ways, now mobile communications technology has quickly become the most common way of transferring a speech, data, and solutions in the third world. Mobile banking and mHealth are the edge example of mobility that has attained popularity for their capability to provide solutions to people in distant areas of the nation with no access to banking or healthcare centers.

But Uniphore that is the first company who introduces mobility solutions in India has noticed the most untouched industry on which India bank heavily from the effect of mobility is farming and start working to make use of speech and input technology on gamete movable phones to experience more economical operations, automating the information and market programs frequent in their functions. There are three main goals that can afsluiting carried out by implementing mobility in farming.

Automation of field force: Till now mankind agents work as a bridge between the farmers and business depend on agriculture et alii collect information and updates for the business, personally visiting the farmers at their place as well as in return providing the latest techniques and services to them. All this process is recorded in pen paper shape that consumes a lot of time in sending back the collected information back to the headquarter for further processing in frequent durations. Due to this pen and paper mode there is significant delays in former business procedure and sending extremity the news and updates to the agent to deliver to the farmers. To eliminate this loss these field agents are provided with a phone with application uploaded to floppy disk details ampersand sending it back to the workplace without any delay. This considerably decreases wanderlust costs as well as costs associated with pen and document and time also.

Easy access to the right information: Till now it is the common practice in rural areas that farmers heavily minion on the middlemen to know the price regarding their commodity and these mediators buy farmers’ crop at a comparatively lower price than the actual price and sell it at high margins unless farmers have the same details about the costs for their generate in specific marketplaces. Irregular pricing details are a weakness of non-urban marketplaces. But with the help of financial services technology application businesses provide users access to the useful, happy details’ and a cultivator can comprehend quantity expenses in numerous town marketplaces through a simple request made on a cell phone.
Improving produce quality and relationship: Various companies that are directly related to the farming using mobility solutions to empowering farmers with the appropriate advisory alternatives with which they work. This application allows farmers to share problems and possibilities in farming manufacturing, marketing, efficiency, and kindred livelihoods. Related companies acquire discovered that the application has improved the working methods of the farmers that ultimately results in the improved quality of crops and along with the loyalty from the farmers toward the specific company.
Long story short these triplication benefits also contribute in improving the livelihoods of farm owners while allowing further effective functions across the farming sector, developing a win-win situation across stakeholders.

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