Fuel Briquette Machine Plant to convert agriculture waste into a fuel

Fuel Briquette Machine Vegetation to convert agriculture waste into a fuel. Briquetting Plants Manufacturer in india introducing Biomass Briquetting Machine to produce renewable energy. Briquetting Machine Manufacturer provides separate Biomass Briquetting Machine for treating waste of agricultural, biomass, wooden, and mining industries. In the end the one line which defines the company is they “Cash From Waste”.
These White Coal Briquettes produced by Briquetting Plant Exporter are widely used to breed heat as an industrial fuel like steam family in boilers, heating purpose, drying process & gasification plant to replace surviving conventional fuel likeness coal, wood & extravagant liquid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, kerosene etc. Use of White Coal Briquettes as a fuel for green quantum has shown utter excellent & promising results. In general.
Renewable Briquetting Plant Project to make briquette from the Gardening prodigality and forestry waste. It is band less technology sic there is no requirement of any chemical, adhesive or binders for the binding. It is bot converted against solid cylindrical shape. The major residues which can be used are Ground nut shell, Cotton stalk, Sugarcane baggasse & leaves, Rice husk, Saw dust, Mustard stalks, Caster seeds shells/ stalk, Wood chips, Chicory husk, Paddy straws, Wheat straw, Sunflower stalks, Palm husk, Soybean husk, Veneer residues, Coir pith, Jute sticks, Bamboo dust, Tobacco waste, Tea waste, barks & straws forestry carrion etc.
Competitive Advantages of the consequence :

-It is a substitute of firewood as petrol (it is40% more efficient, longer burning, and hotter)
– Save trees also avoids problems counterpart soil terrigenous and deforestation to an grant by providing an alternative to burning wood for heating and cooking.
-Helps to improve salubrious by providing a cleanser burning fuel.
– Maximum Play Capacity
– Heavy structure with standard design
– Acceptability up to 25 mm size of Raw Material (No need of powder Form)
– Easy Operating pattern
– High-density of finished product with 90 mm diameter
– Lowest production Cost per MT due to state of art technology
– Cruel Magnetic consumption due to direct feeding without hammer Mill
– Minify maintenance cost
– Low overseer cost due to high production capacity
– Rejection loss of production & Air pollution due to direct feeding system
We are manufacturing Renewal Briquetting Plant System since last 21 Years. We are the pioneer in launching our most successful gauge Jumbo-90 which is world great & unique amongst the others. The briquettes are used for might generation helping farmers to earn money from the waste. Our model “JUMBO-90″ works on the unspiritual renowned binder less technology.
Support from the Government

Indian Govt. Is also corroborative bio fuel Briquetting plant as it is bringing about the nations commercial and also preserving the climate from harmful and toxic waste coming from different agriculture, wood and chemical industries

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