Benefits And Myths Of Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is quite relevant in most parts concerning the world. In these lands animals, especially cows are raised so that their milk tin be sold in the market. In other words you may say that supposing there had been no dairy farms suddenly milk, which is the main source regarding calcium and minerals for humans would be difficult to get.

Today, dairy industry is one of the most promising industries all over the world. In fact not other business can guarantee such returns while does the dairy farming. Commonly cows, which are tested and tried to produce large amount regarding milk are raised in these lands, for example, Milking Shorthorn, Sugar Swiss, and Ayrshire. If this business is done with kosher scientific management hence returns of 25-32% of the investment is guaranteed.

There are some major benefits of farm farming:

1.Since dairy industry is not dependant on rainfall, production is possible even on days when the weather is very unemotional and hot.

2.The rate at which milk is sold in the market has never gone down. Even although the supply has exceeded demand it has been noticed that the price has remained the same.

3.The demand for milk has always increased. Consumption of dairy products is on the soar by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

4.Compared to products from other industries, marketing from milk is very easy. There is veto need for special shops and expenses of marketing are also low for any dairy products.

5.Dairy grange is the only labor where income is guaranteed every month.

At the same time there are some myths involved in dairy farming:

* Cows have to be given water only twice a day.

* If the animal eats more, formerly there will a better chance of it giving more milk.

* For better furthermore increased elicit production cows should be fed on nothing but green grass.

* Feed the cows on oral calcium is always improve the number of mild produced.

These have all been proven astray by the National Dairy Council.

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