The Rise Of Farming

adam-henson-4x4.jpg There’s been a lot from stuff written in recent years about how man shifted from a hunter gatherer lifestyle into an agrarian lifestyle. It’s long been rumination that a bunch of dumb humans were nomadic around chasing buffalo or wooly mammoths either something, and then happened across a field where a bunch regarding corn either wheat was growing.

Somebody realized that if they planted the seeds, and waited around for them to grow, they could have an easier way to get food. After all, planting some seeds in the ground and again hanging out for a couple months was a allotment safer than chasing some animal that didn’t really want to be eaten.

But recent scientists, with advanced carbon dating methods, undergo started to wonder about the order of events. They can tell based on remains left in early cities how long they’ve been there for. They can also report through DNA testing when positive crops were domesticated. It was long thought that crops were domesticated, and after they figured that out, they started house big cities everywhere them.

But recent apparent suggests that may be backward. It suggests that cities came first, and then the plants, and newer animals were domesticated after that. This is puzzling, for nobody container figure out how early humans just decided to stop chasing animals, and start eating plants.

One theory is that people discovered that this happened after they discovered that plant based food could be stored. After all, protasis you killed a huge wooly mammoth, you didn’t have a long time before the meat went bad. It’s refusal like they could stick it in the freezer. But with plant food, like corn or other grains, whoever grew it could store it. This represented the first way early humans stored wealth.

This meant that the first farmers became farmers because they wanted to store wealth. They wanted to plan for their future. You can understand why if you’ve got kids. You possible swindle had a rough childhood, or did some things you wish you didn’t do. Then when you have kids, you mull to yourself, “Gee, I utopian he doesn’t need to go through what I went through.”

The earliest farmers then, perhaps stopped chasing animals and started storing plant cooking as a means to store up wealth and pass it on to their kids. Once greater and more people started doing this, they got better and better at building farms and growing food. Which meant that they slowly domesticated many crops into what we have today.

So the early farmers were the real pioneers. The first wealth creators. If you’re a farmer, or you’d like to become a farmer, then you are part of a long history of wealth creating pioneers that transformed human society. Commodity for you!

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