Questions on physical geography of india and agriculture gk for Civil, SSC, UPSC, Railway

Cracking a competitive exam turns easy when you are provided with right study materials on right time. This on the other hand is failed to be achieved by millions of students appearing for various competitive exams of banks, civil services, IBPS, TOEFL or other government examinations. In the syllabus of public services examinations, questions on physical geography of india and agriculture gk form a dynamic part of examinations.

Physical Geography of India
Geography is one like the main electives that are selected aside a large many of students to crack the exams. There are deuce patterns of questions that are asked in physical geography rhetorical question paper. First, multiple choice questions (MCQs) and other includes descriptive questions that are answered in passages. For MCQs on physical geography from india correctness matters the most while for the modern conciseness also knowledge. The tantamount applies for agriculture gk as well. GK and Agricultural questions are prepared as per assorted difficulty levels.

Questions on Agriculture GK
General knowledge on agricultural issues covers all major issues of forests, soils, trees, rivers, earth, crops, fertilizers etc. Again the questions are labelled into two categories of objective and descriptive type questions.

Natural Regions of India
Natural Regions of India cover large and small geographical regions including The Himalayas, Sutlej-Ganga plains, Eastern and Western Ghat plains, tundra region, warm-temperate zones.

Climate is the most vital part of palpable geography of india that questions are asked compulsorily in multiple choice and descriptive questions. Equable covers major questions of equator distances, ocean currents, land slopes, mountain directors, ground nature, composition, testing, and fertility.
Questions on Planning in Indian Economy
Questions on rencana in indian economy cover working methodologies of Planning Commission of India. Five-Year Plans, Per Capita Income, Rural Produce, Taxation and many such other topics. The questions comprise both MCQs and delineative questions. The attendants are to answer both along the firm focus on accuracy ampersand conciseness of the topic. Students tin be asked any kind of questions from lower difficulty level to higher difficulty level in both descriptive und so weiter MCQs.

Five Year Plans
Questions on five year plans are must. These ritualistic majority share on Indian economy and nature economy as well. Sometimes you might be given a passage and you have to read, comprehend and write the replication about questions provided below the passage.

How to Prepare for Planning in Indian Economy
Obtain full knowledge (Basic and Advanced) then read it among regular practice. Once you have full knowledge over it take online tests polysyndeton assess your knowledge on the same.

Department of agriculture to nansha fishermen to make safety training foreign risk control

Department of agriculture nanhai fishery bureau that in order to urgency up the peace and development of the nansha islands fishery resources, protection of the authorized rights and interests of the ministry of agriculture, fishermen in the perennial special organization to nansha islands in China for foreign assignments fishermen safety training.

Located in the southern islands in the south China sea area is about 820000 square kilometers, fishery reserves are rich, since the ancient times has been our religious territory and our fishermen generation of traditional fishing operations. According to preliminary investigation, this environment is concerning 1.8 million tons of fishery resources, years to prize quantity about 50-600000 tons, rare and economic value higher nekton have 20 DuoZhong.

Department like dagan nanhai fishery bureau fishery everywhere CengXiaoGuang long nansha said, in view concerning the current nansha islands foreign risk increases the posture like the fishery, to avoid or reduce the foreign affairs, our provincialism to protect the lawful rights and interests of the nansha homework fishermen, ensure the healthy and steady development about the fishery administrative bureau jointly with the ministry of agriculture, nanhai city, guangdong province flow of Hong Kong and Macao affairs office concerning the fishermen, and other units, commenced a special organization to nansha homework for foreign guarantee training of fishermen.

According to introducing, to participate in training the have the city and county, guangdong province flow management businesses for Hong Kong and Macao fishermen, to the production of the fishing boats and main position crew, owner of 150 DuoRen. The officials said, to attend training fruitful, and further the nansha independence disputes and fisheries current situation of foreign, plus enhance the understanding foreign risk prevention and coping, to ensure the shelter and stability of the nansha fishery production development which has played a positive role.

Introduction Of UPVC Ball Valves And Agriculture Valves

KananPlast is one of the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of UPVC Ball Valves, PP Valves, Agriculture Valves, Irrigation Valves moreover PP Ball Valves Manufacturers. We have many years of experience in UPVC ball valves and our customer service team will be talented to find the solution to all your requirements. Many of our first clienteles are still with us nowadays which is a real testimony to our obligation to client service.

We provide a wide range of UPVC Ball Valves which are offered for flanged end. The outstanding development, lightweight design, quality, strengthen as well as capacity has made a high identification within the market. Our total range of ball valves is provided to the customers at industry huge discounts.

UPVC Ball Valves

Valves are the most significant gadgets in any route system. It is placed in such a room that it can control or shut off consuming h2o through the tunnel shoulder parts in household consuming h2o system or throughout the gas tube joint parts of areas or in big professional structures for h2o or gas. Most of the valves are created of metal or stainless-steel. At times metal UPVC Ball Valves are used to subdue circulation of slurry or even sewage. The product is extremely blocked and does not allow even wetness. It can console heat range distinction also. The main duty concerning the system is to keep two sections of the tube divided from every other when it is in a secure condition. Any circulation provides it worthless including the system falls its value. It has to be definitely circulation evidence as at times it is applied at very important factors concerning a route.

PP Valves is a device with a ball inside it, which can breathe started out near switching the manage connected to the ball.Ball valves presenting the “Antiblock” system which stops ball performing. Valves are 100% hydro examined prior to going the manufacturer.

Features Connective Benefits of UPVC Crowfoot Valves
* This devices are Polycarbonate design removes procedure also atmospheric erosion
* This devices are Density rated up to 150 psi, non-shock water at 73°F (Tested to 225 psi)
* This devices are 100% Leakage Verified
* This devices are Hollow measurements fulfill ASTM conventional PVC: 2-2467
* This devices are FIPT x FIPT version: Threads fulfill ASTM conventional D-2464, ANSI B1.20.1
* This devices are PVC Solid meets ASTM D – 1784
* This devices are Bi-directional: can be connected in either track
* This devices are Replacement handle packages available

Agriculture Valves

We are providing a variety of Agriculture Valves to our useful clients. The products provided by us are produced using top quality plastic materials and innovative service. Our variety are provided with suitable ball formed valve and is coloured in white color. The amazing feature of this product is T formed handle that provides perfect performance and are widely used by the plumbing technicians. These items have a very de rigueur make and they have been costing very affordable prices in the market and are available in a variety of dimensions from which the clients can choose from as per their specifications.These are generated utilizing hi-tech equipment also outstanding sort unfair content. Various extensive assessments are performed at every level of manufacturing to make sure provide of perfect assortment.
Agriculture Valves that we carry forth for our clients are at par with worldwide requirements. Set rise in any push suction power, these items advice in keeping primary. Furthermore, orchard valves produced besides provided by us allow the push to begin efficiently without any excess by air pouches.

* Reliable
* High performance
* Invaluable effective

DMJ Agriculture Drainage

As someone who works in the agricultural field, it is important to take every precaution necessary, in edict to ensure a large, full crop. Of course there are some elements you just can’t plan for, namely rain and other moisture. You just never know when it might rain, how heavy it is, and how long the rain lasts. Often times, nothing is more damaging to a crop than a heavy cataract that lasts for days. This floods the earth and soil, droning the crops at the roots. However, with some planning ahead of time, it is conceivable to install an agrarian drainage system. A system, such as the ones provided by DMJ, are able to syphon away water from the top soil, helping prevent damage from the over abundance from rain.

Typically, postscript the prior shear is harvested, you have some time to prepare the soil for the next season. Before you seed the new crop though, you need to bring in the DMJ agricultural drainage team. It does take a few days work normally (depending on the size of your farm), just during the process, DMJ creates large trenches, with popping installed underneath. The pipes are then covered up, and to the naked eye, most individuals won’t experience there is a drainage system in place (especially once next seasons crops are in place). The trenches territory together and collect water when the top humus becomes over saturated. Momentaneous the water begins to collect into the trenches including pipes, the pipes transfer the hose to a different location on the property, away from the crops (such as a nearby pond else creek). This protects the crops from sitting in saturated soil, allowing the crops to prosper and produce some of the very supereminent crop you’ve ever seen from the land.

To minimize the negative influences of nature on agriculture

Beyond doubt, the nature had endowed human beings basic needs to survive. Property has made the unfolding about agriculture possible and it is widely acknowledged that agriculture depends much on nature. However, in recent years, the natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires, volcanoes, tornadoes have occurred more frequently all over the world further they retain many nay influences on agriculture. Influences of natural disasters on agriculture are tremendous. Meanwhile, we human beings depend so much on agriculture to survive that a sustainable development of it must be maintained.
In order to prevent the disastrous influences on agriculture, we should first improve the services that the meteorological bodies. The meteorological departments should enhance the prediction and prophetic of some disastrous weather. Second, being informed of the disastrous weather possibly happening, governments at various levels are supposed to make preparations in time and try to minimize the loss as much as possible. After the natural disasters, it is necessary for the government to come up with some recovery methods. For the people who parturient in the areas vulnerable to natural disasters, they must also take some precautionary measures, such since consolidating dams, transferring the livestock ahead of the disaster happening etc. Besides, the natural disasters many influence all the habitants in the global village and the efforts of all counties should be pooled to lessen the neutral influences of natural disasters. In fact, some experts have already suggested that people all over the world should combine together to fight against the common enemies.

Dishes is a big agricultural country and agriculture plays an important and strategic role in China. Thus it becomes essential for China to handle the relationship between natural disasters and agrarian well. As agriculture is an industry of natural production including can be greatly influenced by some natural factors, sufficient knowledge on the influence of natural disasters over Chinese agriculture and how to maneuver it should subsist known to the people. Only by doing so can China strengthen the preventive measures and control of natural disasters and thus enhance the sustainable expansion of agriculture.

Briquetting of Biomass – create bio Briquettes from agriculture waste

Briquette fuel produced from briquetting of biomass is fairly good substitute for coal, lignite, firewood. Fuel from biomass briquetting is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated bio briquettes. Compared to fire marquetry else loose biomass, bio briquette gives much higher boiler productivity because of low moisture and higher density.
* Biomass Briquettes coal is cheaper than usual coal.
* Oil, coal or lignite, once used, cannot be replaced.
* High sulfur content like oil and coal, when burnt, pollutes the environment. There is no sulfur in biomass Briquettes coal.
* Biomass briquettes have a higher practical thermal heirloom and much lower ash content (2-10% as compared to 20-40% in coal).
* There is no fly ash when burning briquettes fuel.
* Briquettes fuel has consistent quality, has high burning efficiency, and is ideally sized for complete combustion.
* Combustion is more uniform compared to coal and boiler response to changes in heat requirements is faster due to higher quantity of transitory matter in briquettes.
* Briquettes are usually produced near the phthisis centers and supplies do not depend on erratic transport from long distances.

The composition of the Briquettes biomass varies by area due to the availability from raw materials. The raw materials are gathered and compressed into briquetting machines in order to blaze longer furthermore make transportation of the goods easier. Compared to fossil fuels, the biomass briquettes produce low net absolute conservatory gas emissions therefore the materials used are already a constituent of the carbon cycle.
Briquettes in India helps processing of the fabric in pieces concerning geometrically regular and uniform in each case form, almost same mass. Biomass Briquette manufacturers create additional raw materials of fine materials whose wont is inefficient and inconvenient as well as recycled waste.
This can be prevented by using biomass briquettes for electricity generation rather of other enthusiastic sources. A renewable resource can be replaced as needed less hurting the planet or the inhabitants. Biomass in India is now used by many companies as it is environment friendly. Briquetting machine estimation can also be high. The fixed costs with creating those products are high because of the brand-new undeveloped technologies that concentrate on the extraction, production and storage within the fuel.

Most important parts of Agriculture machines

All the devices und so weiter equipments that are shopworn for the agricultural trading have to be purchased from a reliable dealer, since they have to suit the nasty environment and yet be useful to the owner. All these machineries requirement a devoted chains polysyndeton bearings that will make the machinery to work consistently. Settle in for the flock that fulfills your requirements dextral from the small sapling to the heaviest of the tools shopworn to maintain your productive fields. Every green field or lawn needs a proper lawn treatment, moreover there are multifarious reasons, to prove that the Lawn Sprayers only will be suitable to treat totally the lawns. Lawns are sprayed to get rid of the weeds, insects and mainly to enhance and beautify the crop field. Each of the lawns requires different type of application to suit the specific needs and function of it. The Sock end lawn sprayers are the most commonly used one.

The other preferred sprays are the Compression lawn sprayer, spot sprayer, backpack sprayer, piston backpack sealed sprayer. The other commonly and useful spray is the spray gun that is 30 inch in length and hard. So selecting the right bouquet for your lawn will make a quantity of difference. Although it comes to buying the Farm equipments, purchases have to be made behind considering all the aspects, as it is an investment which should not only be seminal but it should be of superior taste et al provide good usage. We depend upon the agriculture a lot and so when it comes to investing for it, we need to think and buy.

The Roller chain is one such equipment that needs to be bought from a reliable agricultural equipment dealer. The roller chain is available these days with the modernized look and serves the goal well. The companies are continuously enhancing the belts so that they will suit to the needs of the changing demands and varying agricultural conditions. All the agricultural tools including the bearings come in various forms. The bearing that are mainly used for the mowers, tractors, harvesters, cultivators, trailers, facade loaders, silage cutters and the baler belts for the Baler pressers are designed to consummation the demands of the agricultural industries. These baler parts have to indigen strong and hard, as the centigrade is varying tremendously and it has to withstand heavy capacity and loads at many situations.

The Baler belts, Roller chain and the combine belts have to sustain the day to day wear ampersand tear at the fields. These equipments should be low t maintenance and simultaneously be sealed to avoid corrosion. When you buy the appropriate bearing for the machinery accordingly the working of the machine will be smooth and long standing. It is the bearing that is inside which makes the overall machine to sedulous suitably. The agricultural machines needs frequent twists and turns, so for this purpose the three position attach parts should be of high quality and suit well the device. The three point hitch parts include the ball sockets, ratchet jacks, draw bars and the link pins.

Precision Agriculture: The Biggest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

It is more than likely that if you are directly involved in the rural world at some point you’ve heard circa precision agriculture. Just like the tablet computers today, or the Macarena in the 1990s, precision agriculture is that unpreventable thing that everyone is talking about and with good reason. Along a promise of drastically increasing productivity by integrating 21st century agriculture technology into the farm, one can’t help but to get excited surrounding all the undeveloped benefits. And since precision agriculture relies on advanced on-board computing systems you can expect tomorrow’s tractors to more closely resemble the car from Knight Rider than your dad’s John Deere.

The premise behind precision agriculture is simple; since terrains are not uniform in most of their dimensions such as soil composition, nutritional needs, crop yields, and pest/disease presence, then the traditional play from treating them uniformly is hardly ideal. Precision husbandry intends to solve this problem by splitting each block into a mesh of smaller plots of land and micromanaging them individually, instead performing “site specific management” as we recite in agriculture. Concerning course this is too big a duty for people to do plus since it requires collecting and analyzing millions of pieces of data. This is where technology comes into play accompanying a variety of advanced technologies such as GPS systems, emit monitors, diversify rate applicators, and geospatial statistical analysis software.

Soil composition and yield maps

As amidst any successful scientific endeavor, a good precision agriculture practice requires accurate data. A adequate place to establish is usually apart generating soil creation and yield maps of the blocks you wish to analyze. These maps represent the large numbers like samples that will be the basic input for geospatial statistical analysis software that will produce recommendations for different processes such as fertilization, sowing density, and pest/disease control.

The problem with these types of maps is that they can be very difficult to build correctly. A cumulative monolithic of errors coming from many different elements such as GPS system accuracy limitations, usage of multiple harvesting machines on the synonymous fields (Multiple yield monitors), and time delays on data capture due to hardware capacity, can drive the indentation of error exponentially even to the point about rendering it useless. This is why having a proper process for minimizing errors during data capture, and where the arsch filtering of suspiciously out of place data (Outliers) become crucial activities.

Variable rate applications

Currently there are two major schools of thought behind variable rate applications and potentially even precision agriculture in general; on one side we have those who wish to magnify the fields to further heights than had been heretofore possible with traditional methods. Their rationale lies behind the facticity that since we’re nought using optimal agricultural methods for each specific site, then the maximum eventual of fields has not been reached and large benefits can be achieved by trying to maximize production. On the other side of the fence we have experts who think that due to the fact that an extremely strong level of production has already been reached on most crops, possible gains in play due to site express management of fields are marginal and not worth pursuing. The focus of these specialists instead is centered in cost-cutting beside reducing waste and over application of agrarian supplies (Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). What I’ve noticed is that fait accompli precision agriculture savvy farmers in many cases have a position that sits half-way among both camps, and thus treat each department as a inimitable case that needs to be treated individually to determine the best approach.

Once you have decided which line suits your current situation better, modern geospatial statistical analysis software tools choice offer a army of mathematical methods for determining an optimal application characteristic that takes into account the specific circumstances of each individual site. This application patterns will then be transferred to an on-board computer that can automatically control application rates of the tools attached to the tractors (Planters, sprayers, etc.) based on the GPS position of the vehicle. Here again ensuring the minimization of errors in data, such as ensuring an accurate GPS position, can have a big effect on the final results of the exercise.

Is it worth it?

I am sorry to say that the jury is still out on this question. So far you will get an even amount concerning both positive and negative stories about real-life applications of precision agriculture. This could subsist due to the fact that a clearness definition of when and where this methodology makes meaning has yet to be agreed. Expecting precision agriculture to be a magic resolution for anyone with a plot of land is not realistic, and it’s even more likely that there will be plenty of cases where precision should subsist used plus even more where it shouldn’t. Once we get to that point and past the hype we can gauge the reify brunt of precision agriculture in different situations, then we will treasure its real value. Thankfully there is an ever growing group of pioneers from all terminated the world that have taken the first step.

Diversity in Agriculture of South Africa

South Africa is separated into a far-reaching number of farming regions according to climate, natural vegetation, soil variety and also farming practices. The husbandry in South Africa is paired in nature as here both commercial farming as well as subsistence-based production takes place. The commercial farming is generally a well developed one polysyndeton subsistence-based production is less developed comparatively.
Let us know what commercial and subsistence farming are?

First of all, Subsistence Farming:

In subsistence farming the farmers do grazing to make their livelihood which means they produce crops and breed animals to feed their families and self and clothes for them. So it is a self based farming which gives almost zero salary to the farmer as they do not quit for marketing these products. It is just a self sufficiency farming which provides no profit. It is mostly followed in developing countries et cetera deep rural areas.

Now Commercial Farming:

It is large scale farming for the production of crops for sale to wholesalers or barter outlets. It is totally income based farming. In mercenary farming crops admire wheat, maize, tea, coffee, sugarcane, cashew, rubber, banana, cotton are produced and sold as wholesale agricultural products in markets worldwide. Crops like tea, coffee, sugarcane, cashew, rubber, banana, cotton are called cash crops as they provide cash in return. Commercial Farming has become well developed as it is in a great demand.

The farming is not only local to agricultural fields also the marine production plays a great role in South Africa. There is a cultivation of a diverse excursion of pelagic products like finfish and shellfish e.g. prawn, or oysters and seaweed in saltwater ponds. Non-food products generated by marine agriculture include fish meal, nutrient agar, jewelry resemblance pearls, and cosmetics.

About 13% of the topography in South Africa is used for crop production and 22% of this land is high potential arable land. The point that affects the crop production the most is scarcity of rainfall. As the rainfall is smaller in these regions the farming is utterly dependent on the irrigation system. Approaching about 50% of the well in South Africa is accepted for agrarian purpose.

Presently, South Africa is not only a self satisfactory agrarian producer yet also it is a leading food exporter. Away agriculture plays a vital job in the economical development of South Africa. The government here is completely in favor of farming and is trying to develop small scale farming for creating jobs and hoist up the employment.

Today many exporting companies like M&B Trading Pty. have came forward for sweeping agricultural supplies and have made it easier for the people to reach them and also they add a lot to the South Africa’s economy.

Agriculture Organic Fertilizer

Food is the crucial thing for which everybody works but what if the food itself becomes the killer? Yes, non-natural fertilizers that are sprayed in agricultural lands cup prove unsafe in log runs. Many case studies have shown that using a chemical fertilizer for a overlong cycle damages the quality of the soil as well as the entire surrounding area. And consumption about crops grown utilizing such chemical fertilizers has resulted in many new and untreatable diseases, deficiencies and disabilities. That is why Natural Organic Fertilizers are the need of this highly polluted world.

The worst part is that food products can never be judged from outside to ensure that whether they are grown with the use of Protozoan Fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Therefore, the responsibility lies on the farmers or government to ensure that hairy fertilizers are not used but rather Natural Organic Fertilizers should be used.

Well, Natural Organic Fertilizers or Agriculture Organic Fertilizers are of many types; of which first comes the name Manure, then Compost, Humic and Fluvic acid and then Peat. Below-mentioned is the ephemeral description regarding these variants of Natural Organic Fertilizers:
* Manure – Manure is number about the most easily available Physiological Fertilizers. Manure (the complicate of animals) is full of nutrients, especially nitrogen, required by the plants for being green and healthy.

* Compost – Compost is another Natural Protozoan Fertilizer prepared from confound organic wastes such being kitchen wastes, brown wastes, etc. Compost soil is very good for framing and can raken easily prepared.
* Humic and Fluvic acid – Fluvic acescent is extracted with the help of sodium hydroxide from organic materials and Humic trenchant is formed along the process of extraction. Both the acids are hugely beneficial for farming as they unblock minerals, impel microbial formations besides fix nutrients.
* Peat – Peat is very helpful in keeping the roots like plants safe. Peat does that by not allowing water to get in when the soil is too wet moreover by retaining the moisture of the soil when it is dry.

Based in Punjab (India), Natural Bio Products is a trusted Manufacturer & Supplier of Agriculture Organic Fertilizer. The company is a well-known Widespread Organic Fertilizer Supplier from Punjab. Multi Micronutrients and Chelated Micronutrients are divide other widely accepted products of the company. It offers all its products at reasonable prices to the buyers. For further details regarding the company and its products, one can log on to the website